Techo "15 Years"

Techo had a wish for their 15th birthday. To get Peruvians to donate and help the ones who needed it the most.  We didn’t make a cake, but we made a kick-ass song to make their wish come true.


The pandemic and the Peruvian context threatened to make Techo disappear. There was a crisis of trust in the country. Donations and volunteers hit an all-time low. In that context, the organization marked its 15th year in the country and wanted to turn the situation around.


We needed something different. A new campaign just wouldn’t cut it. So we made something else. To be heard, there’s nothing better than a song, so we did just that.

Techo 15 Years Mosaic Cover
Techo 15 Years Mosaic 1
Techo 15 Years Mosaic 2

We teamed up with a renowned Peruvian trap artist and created a song to reconnect with our younger audience, the song played everywhere because it made Peru’s trust crisis its theme, and turned Techo into a ray of hope to keep on believing that a better Peru is possible.

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