Gympass "Mindfullness Filter"

ANTI-FOMO FILTER. Yeah. Someone had to do it. A filter that invites you to stop for a second (or five) all the internet madness? Let’s go for it.


Social media has a real impact on mental health. Study after study shows it is a real issue, how can we make a statement? How can we pause, even for just a bit, the endless scrolling that’s affecting people all over the world?


If we wanted to make a difference, we needed to get right on the action. So we did, with a filter that invited people to stop, to take a moment and just breathe. Various studies talk about the benefits of breathing and in such a hectic world, even 5 seconds can make a difference.

GPFilter Mosaico Portada v2
Gympass Filter Mosaic 2
GPFilter Mosaico 2

The filter rolled out in several countries and has incredible numbers for usage and consumption. But most of all, it put talking about the impacts of mental health back in everyone’s agenda.