L'Oréal "Multicase"

Standing out isn't easy, especially when you have multiple brands like L'Oréal Group.  Luckily, they knew who to call. 


L’Òreal has some of the most iconic brands in the whole world. Their communication efforts are well known in every continent. Bringing a bit of that Paris magic but carefully blending it with argentinian women’s flair was important to take them to a different level.


Iteration was supposedly the name of the game, but reinvention is what we did.

Local insights and our knowhow of the digital space allowed us to rethink every campaign, every asset to turn it into something that followed the brand's spirit, but also felt fresh and meaningful in a Latin American market.

L'Oréal Mosaic Cover
L'Oréal Mosaic 1
L'Oréal Mosaic 2

Our work took the company by storm. Making our bond with the different departments tighter in less than a year. From 1 brand, to 3 to more than 6 working fluidly with our teams on a day to day basis creating thousands of ads and managing effective and creative campaigns.