Banco Macro "Refresh"

One of the biggest banks in Argentina came with one of the biggest challenges. A complete makeover. Let’s do it


Big bank. Big challenge. The pandemic got the need to “move to digital" on steroids. The bank needed a facelift and it needed it fast.


We took their identity to the next level. Through intense and focused research we came up with 3 archetypes for characters that became the main protagonists of their communications.

Designed for friendliness and made to appeal to different markets and subcultures all across the country.

Personaje Banco Macro en 3D
Banco Macro ejemplo de assets
Banco Macro piezas y personaje 3D

From scratch, to 2D drawing boards, to 3D computer models and even to real life our characters become a staple of the brand and a new way of modernizing their look while maintaining their feel.

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