Kérastase "Curl Manifesto"

[EXPLORATORY WORK] Our product was a Manifesto. So we made our campaign a book. Oh… you see what we did there, pretty nifty right?


Curly haired women are a minority in Argentina. Because professionals and regular people don’t know how to properly take care of it, thay are often bullied for it.

Hair brands have also eluded their images in photos for years making it a tough sell. Kerastase had a product made specifically for them, but how could we start a conversation?

RULOGRAPHIES A new typography made specifically from the pattern of each individual woman’s curls, so every woman could tell their story. We made them into a book to put in salons and shops all over the country

Libro Rulografía 1
Libro Rulografía 3
Libro Rulografía 2

We started a conversation and let their words and their identity shine through. We also made a digital campaign to amplify our message and in the process we successfully restarted a bond that had been broken for a long time.