Gympass "Holder"

You finally brought yourself to start exercising, got the gear, got the swag, unrolled the yoga mat and played the video, but wait, where the hell do you put your phone?


The pandemic got everyone trying to workout inside their own homes, following classes and instructionals both in Gympass or in Youtube channels. But getting your smartphone to stay put is no small task.


And a foot, and also a whole “leg-arm”. Basically let’s make in-house training easier  using the Gympass mascot. A clever contraption we devised to be used all over the world.

Gympass Holder Mosaico Portada
Person doing exercise with Gympass Holder
Gympass Holder Mosaic Image 2

Fully designed, prototyped and produced by the The3Hundred using 3D printing technologies to make it accessible to everyone.