Garnier "Seruminatis"

Recipe for a successful product launch:

2 large cups of influencers, 1 ½ teaspoons of conspiracy craziness and add Illuminatis to your liking.


Launch a new product and dominate the category becoming the #1 best selling product. Easy peasy right?


Beauty products and influencers can have a very cult-like experience. Everyone wants to know the secrets to eternal beauty. So for this campaign we took advantage of that and actually created a secret beauty cult. SERUMINATIS, a group of women that have the secret knowledge that leads to flawless facial skin.

Seruminatis Mosaic Cover
Seruminatis Mosaic 1
Seruminatis Mosaic 2

We went heavy on the mystery creating a teaser campaign that included the “hacking” of an influencer livestream, a campaign full of mystery codes and occult messages and an invitation-only secret event that captured the attention of everyone online making it the biggest launch of the year for the brand.

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