Salta Cautiva "Digital Launch"

What do desert wildlife, beer and a zen attitude towards life have in common? Hop on to the Salta Cautiva train and find out.


Create the digital voice and image of a newly launched beer. Make it stand out in an already heavily crowded market.


Salta Cautiva is a beer to drink at ease. A beer to drink “tranqui”. Made in Salta, the alpaca, the cactus and the mule became the protagonists that let people know how to properly enjoy a cold one.

Salta Cautiva Mosaico Portada
Salta Cautiva Mosaico 1
Salta Cautiva Mosaic 2

The mood was set, the digital stage was ready and it was the turn for our protagonists to shine, and shine they did. Through a curated feed and every type of digital ad you can think of, we worked  it all, and in the process we made a new beer brand that grew using almost exclusively digital channels as their main source of brand building.