Gympass "Reel"

Holistic solutions for a holistic wellness company. Sounds like a perfect match. Challenge accepted.


Oh, not much really. Just creating a structure capable of dealing with every piece of communication from a unicorn startup company that was reinventing itself during a pandemic. From B2B TO B2C, digital, physical and philosophical, getting it to work in more than 12 different countries while working at ludicrous speed.


Such was the work we developed with the company. From the biggest campaigns to the smallest (and slickest) Whatsapp stickers we did it all, and it showed. The company grew from gym passes to a holistic wellness approach during COVID-19

Gympass Mosaic Cover
Gympass Mosaic Image 1
Gympass Mosaic Image 2

And it did so gracefully. The campaigns we made together got results in real life and even in ad festivals all over the world.