Gympass "Resolutions"

Fact 1: Gympass needed to own new years eve. Fact 2: 80% of people abandon their resolutions on January 19th. Fact 3: This campaign rocked.


For wellness brands, New Year's Eve is a very important date. Most people signup when a new year is on the way. How could we make Gympass stand out in such a crowded advertising season?


Through research we found a powerful impact that unlocked our whole philosophy for the campaign.  80% of people abandon their new year’s resolutions on january 19th. 

Why? They aim too high. so when everyone said the sky is yours, we urged everyone to go for the little goals.

Gympass Resolutions Mosaic Cover
Gympass Resolutions Mosaic 1
Gympass Resolutions Mosaic 2

Small is achievable, and achievable is HUGE.  What’s true in life was also true in advertising. We rolled out a digital campaign made from small ads and we had a huge impact. Signups went up and Gympass set itself as the king of New Year’s eve.