Tulipan "Dixkblocker"

[EXPLORATORY WORK] C”$%blocking is not always bad. It can even be great, when you do it online to help the most famous streamers out there keep doing their thing.


A condom brand needed to make a splash with a younger demographic. Lots of expectations. Definitely not a lot of money.


So we started with a simple question. What do they watch? Twitch streams and youtube. Famous streamers make up for most of their online viewing. The following question to answer was the real issue. How can we get inside those streams with a low budget mentality?

Pixablocker Mosaic Cover
Pixablocker Mosaic 1
Pixablocker Mosaic 2

The result was a dickblocking add-on. Why? Because we found out dickpicks on streams were a really important subject for streamers, because it gets them banned. So we coded a software capable of identifying these types of images and censoring them before it was too late. The result? Safe streams. Safe sex. and a whole lot of media attention.